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About Blume

"I love trailing vines, unique berries and wildflowers mixed with full bloomed flowers. My style is free flowing, organic and garden inspired"

- Casey Rogers


Casey Rogers is the Founder and creative force behind Blume Ceremony Co.


With a natural talent for detail and a vibrant sense of color, Casey has transformed her lifelong passion for fresh flowers into a flourishing studio. Her deep roots in Southwest Florida have enriched her expertise in tropical botanicals, a signature element in her designs.

Casey's journey, marked by her work with hundreds of brides, sparked a realization: the wedding industry was ripe for innovation. In response, Blume Ceremony Co. emerged as the first in the region to introduce luxury faux flower arrangements for ceremonies, revolutionizing the local market.

Blume Ceremony Co. caters to a diverse array of preferences, whether you desire exclusively fresh blooms or a harmonious blend of real and artificial flowers. Casey and her dedicated team are committed to crafting a unique and exquisite design plan that resonates with the essence of your special day.

Crafting Perfection in Floral Design since 2014

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