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Luxury Faux Designs

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Colorful Flowers

Unlike live floral arrangements, our artificial blooms are impervious to all weather, including excessive heat, wind, and rain. Protect your investment with peace of mind that your florals will withstand any type of weather.


Want to repurpose the arbor or arch for the reception? No problem. Our hand-made artificial arrangements are easy to transport and reuse. With several aesthetics to choose from, our florals are both stunning and versatile.


Cut flowers are beautiful, but their expiration is quick. Blume is the perfect marriage of elegant style and modern bridal activism. Small environmental choices make big impacts, especially in event design.

Don't let a grandiose floral quote shatter your wedding dreams. Our chic and modern arrangements can save you thousands on your wedding planning without sacrificing elegance.


With Blume, you can have your cake and eat it too.

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